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alx and wendell

Ran across an old gem of a mix ALX did many years back. The prequel to his double disc mix Soul Projection One. This is SP Zero in it’s original entirety.  Honestly this should have been online years ago.

Alx – Soul Projection Vol. Zero


As it happens to us all once in a while. I had a grand idea to do another remix. And here it is, my remix of a 90′s classic, EMF’s “Unbelievable”. Part of my on-going remix revival project.

Free to Download.

Let me know what you think of this tune. Enjoy.


I still make electro. It’s just weird… This is a free download for all the loyal electro fans who currently hate me for making what ever it is that I make now days…


An 80 Min. headcase of the funk we love. Featuring some breakbeats anda little garage, a touch of dubstep and a pinch more breaks. Including the sounds of Geon, Fisso & Spark, Millions Like Us, Yreane, Afghan Headspin and Kid Panel – just to name a few. June 2013 for BreaksCulture.com Mixed by PilFORM.


01 Geon – Live Plastic (The Brainkiller Remix)
02 Millions Like Us – Behind You (Original Mix)
03 Fisso & Spark – Funky Boy
04 Millions Like Us – Militant (Original Mix)
05 Kid Panel – R U Ready (Synthetic Hype Vs DJ Hennessy Remix)
06 Dj Icey – Ace High (Original Mix)
07 Drumattic Twins – Feelin’ Kinda Strange (Bass Kleph & Nick Thayer Rmx)
08 Dirt Revolver – Get The Fuck Down (Original Mix)
09 Yreane – With Me Close (Original)
10 PillFORM – The Sound Of Oh – (Original Mix)
11 The Brainkiller – Sumerio (Colombo Remix)
12 Kulman – Bubble (Original Mix)
13 Afghan Headspin – Drop The Bass (Original Mix)
14 Pillform – The Drop (Deformaty Remix)
15 PillFORM – Can U Dance (KL2 Remix)
16 Rektchordz & Ben Remember – Never Be (Original Mix)
17 Seth Vogt – Never Hide (Kid Panel Remix)
18 Geon – Intensity (Original Mix)
19 Sporty-O, BBK, Kid Panel – Bumble Bee (Original Mix)
20 Aphex ft. J Gusto – My Own World (Dub Elements Remix)



PillFORM, various artists mix for Breaksculture.com put togeather back in 2012.

Never made it on this site I am trying to catch up with the latest releases and projects.


02. BreaksMafia & Gustolabs Feat Andre Jalil – Get Louder (Quadrat Beat Remix) – Distorsion Records
03. Quadrat_Beat – Good Life (Aggresivnes Remix) – Expand Records
04. Agent K – Hit the Flo (Original Mix) – Digital Records
05. Rusko – Booyakasha (Original Mix) – Rusko Recordings
06. Electric Soulside – Barbarella (Original Mix) – LOT49
07. Kid Panel – R U Ready (Original Mix) – Pooty Club
08. Farace – Push The Beat Rock (Fisso & Spark remix) – Kick it
09. DJ Hero – Hit ‘Em Hard (Original Mix) – soundcloud / originaldjhero
10. Quadrat Beat – Blink & Wink (Original Mix) – Expand Records
11. Sketi – Cladocera (Blazer Remix) – Expand Records
12. PillFORM – Can You Dance – Krispy Beatz
13. Mensura – Be Yourself (Sylverfortem Remix) – soundcloud / sylverfortem
14. Faithless – Insomnia (Dj Tortu Re-Rub) – soundcloud / dj-tortu
15. Kondrashov & Quadrat Beat – Futuro (Original Mix) – Expand Records
16. Colombo – Keep It Down (Original Mix) – iBreaks
17. Calvin Harris – Lets Go (PillFORM Remix) – Unreleased